Name Description
e3State Three state
eAccessType Access type
eAction Types of the Undo Actions
eAlignment Text alignment style
eBoxStyle Text box style (used in IStyle)
eCategory Bundle category type
eCheckState Check States enumeration
eCMS Context Menu style style
eCRLFStyle Line Break types
eDialogResult Registered dialog result codes
eFileOperation File operations
eFileSystemEvent File system event type
eFind Search modes; can be combined (used in IDocumentData::Find)
eFindEx Extended modes, used for multi file search in IApplication::FindInFiles; can be combined
eItemPos Menu item relative position
eKeyboardEventFlag Keyboard event flag
eLabelContext Label context types
eMarker Marker types
eMessageType Status message types
eMouseEvent Mouse events
ePaneLayout Pane layout style
eScopeKind Scope kind for retrival (used in IDocumentStructure::FindScope)
eSearchAction Possible search actions
eSearchResultType Registered search result types
eSearchType Registered search types
eStorageType Storage location type
eTabModes Defines Pretty Print Mode for inserted Tabs and Spaces
eToolAutoExecute Define actions which auto execute the tool
eToolButtonStyle Toolbar button style
eToolState Tool States
eUnderlineStyle Text underlining style (used in IStyle)
eWordWrapModes Defines Word Wrap modes for editor
Name Description
IApplication Application Object Interface
IBaseToolBar Base ToolBar object
IBookmark Bookmark object
IBundle Bundle object, representing online installation package
IBundles Collection of IBundle objects
IClipboard Clipboard object
IClipboardItem Clipboard Item object
ICodeTemplateHandler Code Template Handler object
ICommandHandler Command object
ICommandHandlerListener Command Listener object
IDialog Base interface for a dialog
IDialogControl Base interface for all dialog controls
IDocument Editable Document object
IDocumentData Document Read-Only object
IDocumentStructure Document Structure object
IFileFilter File Filter interface to use in IFileHandler::Filters
IFileSystemListener File system event listener
IFileSystemManager File system manager
IFolderFavorites Folder Favorites manager
ILabel Label object
ILabelInfo Label Info object
IListBoxItem ListBox Item object
IListItem List Item object
IListPane Generic List Pane Interface
IMarker Marker object
IMenuLocation Menu location object
IMenuObject Menu object
IOutputPane Output Pane object
IPane Pane object
IPlugin Base Plugin
IPoint Point (screen position) object
IPosition Text Position object
IProject Project object
IProjectManager Project Manager Interface
IRange Range object
IRepository Online Repository access object
IScope Scope object
IScopeInfo Scope Info object
IScopeTagInfo Scope Tag Info object
IScript Script object
IScriptApplication Script Application Object
IScriptCodeTemplateHandler Script Code Template Handler interface
IScriptCommandHandler Script Command interface
IScriptCommandHandlerListener Script Command Listener
IScriptListPane Scripting List Pane Interface Extension
IScriptOutputPane Scripting Output Pane Interface Extension
IScriptShortKeyHandler Script ShortKey Handler interface
IScriptVariableHandler Script External Variable Handler object
ISearchOptions Search Options dialog
ISelection Selection object (extension of IRange)
ISettings Global Settings Object
ISettingsStorage Service object for data/settings storage
IShell Shell Object
IShortKeyHandler ShortKey Handler object
IStatusBar Status Bar object
IStyle Style object
IStyleCollector Collector for IStyle objects
IStyleInformer Document Style informer plugin interface
IStyleRange Style Range object
ISyntax Syntax object
IToolBar ToolBar object
IToolBarManager ToolBar Manager
IToolHandler Tool Item object
IUrlHandler Url Item Object
IVariableHandler External Variable Handler object
IView Document View interface
IWScript WScript Emulation Object
IWshArguments Rich collection of WshArgument objects
IWshTextStream WScript ITextStream Emulation object
Name Description
IContextMenuHandler Context Menu Handler, shall be implemented by binary plugin, that wants to add own context menu handlers
IDocumentIterator Collection of files with iterator
IFileHandler File Handler, shall implemented by binary plugin which wants to do custom file loading
IFrameEvents Frame event interface
IListPaneEvents LisPane UI Event interface
IMainMenuHandler Main Menu Handler, shall implemented by binary plugin which wants to change main menu
IOptionsCreator Factory class for creating of plugin IOptionsPage objects, shall be implemented by binary plug-in want to add own Option Pages
IOptionsPage Options Page object
IOptionsPageCollector Collector of IOptionsPage objects
IOutputPaneEvents Output Pane UI Event interface
IPaneCollector Collector for IPane objects
IPaneCreator Factory class for creating tool panes, shall be implemented by binary plugin adding own panes
IPluginFactory Plugin Factory
IProjectEvents Project Event interface
ISearchProvider Search Provider Handler, shall be implemented by binary plug-in exposing own search type
IStatusBarHandler StatusBar Creation Handler, shall implemented by binary plugin which wants to add own indicators to the status bar
IStyleInformerCreator Factory class for style informers, shall be implemented by binary plug-in adding own styles for documents
IToolBarHandler ToolBar Creation Handler, shall be implemented by binary plug-in which wants to add own toolbar
IUIEvents UI Event interface
IVersionChecker Checker interface to support factory versioning