Scriptable object, inherited from IListPane

Scripting List Pane Interface Extension

Property Description
CheckBoxes Returns CheckBoxes style
CheckedItems Returns Checked Items collection
ColumnCount Returns Column Count
Editable Returns Editable state
GridLines Returns GridLines style
Image Returns pane associated image
ItemCount Returns Item Count
Items Returns Items collection
Layout Returns preferred pane layout
Name Returns Pane verb ID
Open Returns pane open state
Plugin Return owning plugin
SelectedItems Returns Selected Items collection
Title Returns pane title
ToolBar Returns List toolbar
Window Returns pane window handle
Event Handler Description
CanClose Indicates that pane can be closed (terminated on application exit)
onListCheck onListCheck handler (function)
onListDoubleClick onListDoubleClick handler (function)
onListInitContextMenu onListContextMenu handler (function)
Method Description
Activate Activates the pane
Add Add new line to the list
AddColumn Add new column to list
AddItem Add new line item to the list
Clear Clears the contents of the list pane
Create Creates page on demand
CreateItem Create new line item (not added to the list)
Deactivate DeActivates (close) the pane
equals Compare, if objects are equal
InsertItem Insert new line item to the list
Invalidate Force list invalidation
Lock Lock ListPane data, for updates from another threads
RemoveColumn Remove column by index
RemoveItem Add new line item to the list
Unlock UnLock ListPane data, for updates from another threads