Constant enumeration

Search modes; can be combined (used in ITextDocument::Find)

Member Value Description
eFindBookmark 16384 Bookmark found lines
eFindCloseOnFound 256 Close search dialog when found
eFindDefault 0 Default settings
eFindDirectionUp 16 Search from current position up
eFindExtendSel 8 Extend current selection till found position
eFindFuzzy 32768 Use fuzzy logic for search
eFindHex 8192 Interpret given text as hex value
eFindHiddenText 32 Search hidden (collapsed) text also
eFindHighlight 64 Highlight matching results
eFindIncremental 128 Use incremental search
eFindInteractive 2048 If set, search dialog is displayed
eFindMatchCase 1 Takes into account case when searching
eFindOutputResults 4096 Redirect results also to find results pane
eFindRegexp 4 Regular expression search
eFindRegexpNotDotNewline 65536 For regular expression search dot NOT matches new line symbol (\n)
eFindSilent 1024 Do not display any messages during search
eFindWholeWord 2 Searches whole word only, can not be combined with regular expression search
eFindWrap 512 Wrap search, when end of document reached