Scriptable object, inherited from IBaseView

Document View interface

Property Description
CurrentWord Get current word range
Document Document associated with view
Position Returns current cursor position
Selection Returns current cursor position
Version State Version
VisibleArea Get visible text range
Window Returns View window handle
Method Description
Activate Activates the view
CenterLine Centers position in view area
ClientPointToText Converts client coordinates (defined as IPoint) into text coordinates
ClientToText Converts client coordinates into text coordinates
Create Creates view window on demand
CreatePopupMenu Creates a popup menu and returns a newly created Menu Object
EnsureRangeVisible Ensures that window is not intersects with provided area
EnsureVisible Ensures that text point is withing view area
equals Compare, if objects are equal
GetStylesFromPos Returns style stack from position
GetWordFromPos Returns range of word intersecting the position
GoTo Navigates to place in document, with flexible syntax, similar to one used in GoTo dialog
GoToLine Navigates to specific line
HideCompletionList Hide Completion list
InsertTemplate Insert template in specific position
MarkPosition Marks the text position
PrintClient Request to draw content in given DC, if host window is reused
Select Selects provided text range
ShowCompletionList Show Completion list
ShowQuickInfo Shows quick info tooltip
TextToClient Converts text coordinates to client coordinates
Update Updates content of the view