Scriptable object, inherited from IBaseDocument

HippoEDIT Text Document object

Property Description
ActiveView Returns active view of the document
AssociativeColor Associative Color
AutoReload Document Auto-Reload property
Binary Binary content property
Bookmarks Bookmark Collection
CanRedo Checks if redo action possible
CanUndo Checks if undo action possible
Changeable Changeable state of the document
Data Binary Content of the document
EmbeddedScopes Embedded styles
Encoding Document encoding
IndentSize Return default indent for document
LabelDataValid True if label data is valid
Labels Labels collection
LineBreak Default Line Break Style
LineCount Line count property
Locked Locked state of the document
Markers Markers Collection
MaxLineLength Return maximum line length
Modified Modified state of the document
NotClosedScopes Not Closed Scopes collection
NotOpenScopes Not Open Scopes collection
OverviewScopes Embedded styles
Path Path of the document
ReadOnly Read-Only state of the document
ScopeDataValid True if scope data is valid
ScopeDataVersion Scope data version
Scopes Scopes collection
Size Return document size in characters
Slow Slow document property
Syntax Document active syntax property
TabSize Document Tab Size
TabUsed Indicates that tabs are used in document
Title Title of the document
Type Document Type
Version Document version. Increased on every document change
Views Returns document view collection
Method Description
AbsoluteDistance Calculate absolute distance between text positions
AbsoluteToText Convert Absolute Position to Text Position
Activate Activates the document
AddMarker Add new marker to the document
AddStyleRange Add Style Range
AdoptIndent Adopts indentation of selected range to fit desired level
AdoptWhiteSpace Adopts white space in provided text to correspond the document settings
append Appends text to the end of document
appendln Appends text and new line to the end of document
BeginUndoGroup Start undo group or merge with previous
Close Closes the document
DeleteText Deletes text from specific range
DeleteTextBlock Deletes text from specific range in Block Mode
equals Compare, if objects are equal
Find Finds text in the document from the given start position
FindAll Finds all text matches in the document
FindLabel Find Label from point
FindLabels Find Labels from range
FindScope Find Scope from point
FindScopes Find Scopes from range
FlushUndoGroup Flush last undo group
ForceJob Forces re-start of the specific job. nLineFrom = 0, nLineTo = -1 - process whole document
GetChar Returns the character to the right of the position (absolute)
GetDesiredLineIndent Returns desired line indent
GetLine Returns copy of document line chars
GetLineActualLength Returns line actual (expanded tabs) length
GetLineBreak Returns line break chars
GetLineLength Returns line length
GetLines Returns lines of range with/without line breaks
GetStyleFromPos Returns top style with ranges from position
GetStylesFromPos Returns style stack from position
GetText Returns copy of text, with actual line breaks
GetUndoItemDescription Returns description of Undo items
GetUndoItems Returns Undo Items List
GetUndoPosition Returns current Undo position
Init Initialize the document, unloading/saving old one if needed
InsertText Inserts text in specific position
InsertTextBlock Inserts text in specific position in Block Mode
InsertUndoRecord Insert abstract undo step for informing registered listener
IsJobRunning Checks if specific is still running (so its results are not up-to-date)
IsKnownTerm Check, if word exist in document, using statistic data
IsLineHidden Returns true, if line is hidden (inside of collapsed area)
IsLineModified Returns true, if line has been modified
IsLineSaved Returns true, if line has been modified and saved
IsProtected Check, if document point inside of protected area
Load Reloads the document from current path (source is empty), or loads from given path (source is string) or from stream (source is IStream). If bModifiedCheck set, use will be asked to confirm reload if changes exist
MovePosition Moves position
MovePositionLine Moves position line
OffsetToText Convert Line Offset to Text Position
ProtectLine Mark lines as protected
Redo Redo of the last editing steps until nNewPosition, if nNewPosition == -1 - until last begin of undo group
RemoveBookmark Removes specific bookmark
RemoveMarkers Removes markers from the document or by marker reference or by range
RemoveStyleRanges Remove Style Ranges
ReplaceAll Replace all text matches in the document
ReplaceText Replace text in specific range
ResetUndo Resets Undo queue
Save Saves document under given path. If path is empty saves on current file name
SetBookmark Sets bookmark on specific position
TextToAbsolute Convert Text Position to Absolute Position
TextToOffset Convert Text Position to Line Offset
Undo Undo of the last editing steps until nNewPosition, if nNewPosition == -1 - until last begin of undo group
Update Updates all connected views, cleaning all buffers from line nLine
write Inserts or overwrites a string at the current cursor position
writeln Inserts or overwrites a string and a new line at the current cursor position