Scriptable object, inherited from IDocumentBaseEvents

Frame event interface

Method Description
CanCloseApplication Called to determine if application can be closed
CanCloseWorkspace Called to determine if workspace can be closed
onApplicationClose Called before application has been closed
onBundleInstalled Called after new bundle installed
onBundleUninstalled Called after new bundle uninstalled
onCompletion Called on Completion request, return FALSE for default processing
onCursorPosChange Called when cursor position in active document changed
onDocumentClose Called when before document closed
onDocumentDeleted Called when document is deleted
onDocumentListUpdate Called when document list has been updated
onDocumentLoaded Called after document loaded
onDocumentNameChange Called when document name changed
onDocumentOpen Called after document opened
onDocumentSave Called after document saved
onDocumentStateUpdate Called when document state has been updated
onDocumentSwitch Called when active document has been changed
onEditOperation Called after text has been inserted or typed
onFileDrop Called when file(s) dropped on document or empty frame
onFocusLost Called when focus set removed from the document
onFocusSet Called when focus set to a document
onHotSpotNavigate Called on HotSpot navigation (URL, mailto, etc) request, return FALSE for default processing
onIdle Called on Application Idle to process background jobs synchronously
onJobFinished Called after background worker job has been finished
onModifiedChange Called when modified state of the document has been changed
onNewDocument Called after document created
onQuickInfo Called on QuickInfo request, return FALSE for default processing
onScroll Called after scroll of the view
onSelectionChange Called after change of selection in active view
onSettingsChange Called after global settings change
onSyntaxChange Called after document created
onTextDrop Called when text dropped on document or empty frame
onTextFormat Called when text should be formatted
onTextInsert Called after text has been inserted or typed
onWorkspaceClose Called before workspace has been closed
onWorkspaceOpen Called after workspace has been loaded