Scriptable object, inherited from IOutputPane

Scripting Output Pane Interface Extension

Property Description
Image Returns pane associated image
InputAllowed Returns pane input state
Layout Returns preferred pane layout
LineCount Returns lines count
Name Returns Pane verb ID
Open Returns pane open state
Options Returns capture options
Plugin Return owning plugin
Running Returns output running state
Syntax Returns pane syntax
Title Returns pane title
Window Returns pane window handle
Event Handler Description
CanClose Indicates that pane can be closed (terminated on application exit)
onOutputCommand onCommand handler (function)
onOutputInitContextMenu onInitContextMenu handler (function)
onOutputNavigate onOutputNavigate handler (function)
onOutputToolStateChange onToolStateChange handler (function)
Method Description
Activate Activates the pane
AddCommand Pass command to running tool
Capture Captures external tool output
Clear Clears the contents of the output pane
Clone Creates a copy of the output pane
Create Creates page on demand
Deactivate DeActivates (close) the pane
equals Compare, if objects are equal
GetLine Returns line text
SetPattern Sets output pattern
write Appends a string to the output pane
writeln Appends a string and a new line to the output pane