Scriptable object

Global Settings Object

Property Description
AsyncReadLimit Returns file size from which asynchronous loading shall be used
DefaultEncoding Returns default encoding
DefaultLineBreak Returns default line break style
DefaultSyntax Returns default syntax
NoRecent Returns NoRecent flag
SearchAutoComplete Returns Search strings Autocompletion mode
SearchBinary Returns SearchBinary flag
Syntaxes Returns syntaxes collection
UndoMergeDelay Returns Undo Merge Delay flag
UserDirectory Returns user data directory
ViewBottomOffset Returns View Bottom Offset (in lines)
ViewLeftOffset Returns View Left Offset (in characters)
ViewRightOffset Returns View Right Offset (in characters)
ViewTopOffset Returns View Top Offset (in lines)
Method Description
AdaptContrast Adopt contrast ratio of fore on back color
CollectSyntaxes Collects syntaxes by criteria
DetectFileSyntax Detects syntax based on file name
GetColor Get color value by name or hex value
GetSyntax Get syntax by Name
LoadSyntax (Re)Load syntax from syntax specification file