Constant enumeration

Types of the Undo Actions.

Member Value Description
eActionAddBrace 19 Closed brace added
eActionAutoComplete 11 Text auto completed
eActionAutoCorrect 20 Misspelled word corrected from auto-correction dictionary
eActionAutoExpand 12 Template expanded
eActionAutoIndent 10 Auto Indent of text executed
eActionBackspace 5 Text deleted with BackSpace
eActionBookmarkedLinesCut 52 Bookmarked lines cut
eActionBookmarkedLinesDelete 51 Bookmarked lines deleted
eActionCapitalize 16 Text capitalized
eActionComment 27 Selected text is commented
eActionConvertSymbol 53 Symbol converted
eActionCopySelection 47 Selection Copied
eActionCorrectCaps 21 CapsLock is corrected
eActionCorrectCase 18 Case of keyword corrected
eActionCRLFMode 44 Line Breaks changed
eActionCut 3 Selection Cut
eActionDelete 9 Text deleted
eActionDeleteDuplicates 49 Duplicates deleted
eActionDeleteSelection 2 Selection deleted
eActionDragDrop 7 Drag and Drop executed
eActionEncoding 45 Encoding Changed
eActionFormat 30 Selected text formatted
eActionIndent 6 Text Indented
eActionInsertFile 54 File Inserted
eActionJoinLines 24 Selected lines are joined in one
eActionLast 57 Last Marker (do not use)
eActionLineAbove 35 Line above inserted
eActionLineBelow 36 Line below inserted
eActionLineCut 40 Line cut
eActionLineDelete 41 Line deleted
eActionLineDeleteTillEnd 42 Text deleted till line end
eActionLineDuplicate 32 Selected line was duplicated
eActionLineMoveDown 43 Line moved down
eActionLineMoveUp 33 Selected line was moved
eActionLineTranspose 31 Selected line was transposed
eActionLowerCase 13 Text converted to lower case
eActionMoveSelection 48 Selection Moved
eActionPaste 1 Text Pasted
eActionPasteAsHTML 37 Text pasted as HTML
eActionRemoveBrace 50 Brace removed
eActionReplace 8 Text Replaced
eActionReplaceAll 39 Replace All
eActionSentencize 17 Text adopted to sentence like
eActionSmartComment 34 Smart Comment was applied
eActionSmartTab 26 Tab character replaced by correct indent
eActionSortLines 29 Selected lines are sorted
eActionSpaceToTabs 22 Typed Spaces converted to Tabs
eActionSwapCase 15 Text case swapped
eActionSyntax 46 Syntax Changed
eActionTabsToSpace 23 Typed Tabs converted to Spaces
eActionToolCommand 56 Tool Command executed
eActionTrimWhiteSpace 55 White space trimmed
eActionTyping 4 Text Typed
eActionUnComment 28 Selected text is uncommented
eActionUnknown 0 Unknown Action
eActionUpperCase 14 Text converted to upper case
eActionVirtualSpace 38 Virtual Spaces Ensured
eActionWrap 25 Text is wrapped by Hard Wrap