XML Settings

Not all HippoEDIT settings can be changed with the help of UI tools.

There are some settings, that are rather special, and probably will be used by 1% of the users. So, bringing them to UI will make options dialog of the editor even more complex, but not too many people will benefit from it.

Those settings, which are not so often used/changed can be changed directly in HippoEDIT configuration relevant XML files. Of course, if scenario will change, and this option used more often, it can be moved to UI.

Do not do your modifications from within HippoEDIT - they will be overwritten by editor on exit. Do manual modification of configuration by another editor, for example, Windows Notepad

Default values are not stored in files, so, if you not able to find some value in an inside of the file, because it has the default value. Just create it with the value different from the default.

If you do not see some files in respective folders, then, probably they were not yet created (you need to start and exit HippoEDIT minimum once before) or contain only default values.

There are several files where you can adjust such advanced flags (all located in user directory):

  • hippoedit.config - general HippoEDIT settings
  • data\settings.xml - more text editor oriented settings
  • data\syntax\<syntax_name>_spec.xml - explicit syntax related settings
  • data\syntax\<syntax_name>_user.xml - explicit syntax related settings