Constant enumeration

Registered search types

Member Value Description
eSearchTypeCurrentDocument 1 Search in current document
eSearchTypeCurrentDocumentBookmarks 9 Search bookmarked lines of current document
eSearchTypeCurrentFileDir 4 Search in directory of the current file
eSearchTypeExternal 11 External Search Type
eSearchTypeFavoriteDir 8 Search in favorite directories
eSearchTypeFolders 3 Generic search in files
eSearchTypeLast 12 Last search type marker
eSearchTypeOpenDocuments 6 Search among open documents
eSearchTypeProject 5 Search in project
eSearchTypeRecentFiles 7 Search among recent files
eSearchTypeScope 10 Search in current scope of the current document
eSearchTypeSelection 2 Search inside text selection of current document
eSearchTypeUndefined 0 Undefined search type