Scriptable object

Application Object Interface

Property Description
ActiveDocument Active document object
ActiveView Active view object
Commands Command list. SAFEARRAY of BSTR
Documents Open documents collection
FileSystemManager File System Manager object
FolderFavorites Favorite Folders management object
MainWindow Main window handle
Panes Pane list
Path Full path and name of the executable
Project Project object
Repository Repository object
Settings Global settings object
Shell Shell Object
Version Application version
Method Description
AddAutoCorrection Add auto correction item
AddPane Add new tool pane
AddUndoActionType Registers new Undo type
alert Displays a message in a simple dialog box with the OK button
atob Decodes a string of data which has been encoded using base-64 encoding into string or binary data array
btoa Creates a base-64 encoded ASCII string from a string of binary data
CaptureOutput Captures tool output
Clipboard Return clipboard by name
ClosePane Close open tool pane
confirm Displays a message in a simple dialog box with the OK button and the Cancel button
CreateRange Creates Range Object from Position objects
CreateRange2 Creates Range Object from lines + positions
dialog Displays free style dialog box, based on XML layout description
ExecuteCommand Execute existing command nCount times, with “enabled” check
ExpandTemplate Expand template code
file_operation File operation helpers
FindCodeTemplate Search for existing Code Template handler
FindCommand Search for existing command by name
FindEx Find text in a way similar to interactive search
FindInFiles Finds text in specific file or directory files
FindInFilesAll Finds all matches text in the document
FindPane Find existing tool pane
FindShortKey Search for existing ShortKey handler
GetDocument Returns opened document, if one exist
GetFileNameColor Returns color associated with provided file name
GetIconDefaultSize Returns default image size (width is equal to height)
GetStorage Returns storage object
GetUndoActionDescription Returns description, associated with Undo Action type, if provided type registered
GetUserConfigurations User configurations. SAFEARRAY of BSTR
GetUserVariable Read user variable value by name
GetUserVariables User variables (global, workspace, project). SAFEARRAY of BSTR
List Return list pane by name
md5 Creates a MD5 hash from string
Navigate Navigates to position in document, opening it if necessary
NewFile Creates a new file and returns reference to it
NewFileEx Creates a new file of specific type and returns reference to it
OpenFile Opens an existing file with or w/o file dialog and returns reference to it
OpenFileEx Opens an existing file with or w/o file dialog, using specific viewer (selected by document type) and returns reference to it
OpenHelp Opens Help for provided word (URL, chm) in internal/external browser
OpenURL Opens URL in the internal browser
Output Return output pane by name
PathFromRelative Convert path from relative to full form
PathToRelative Convert path to relative form
Point Creates Point Object
Position Creates Position Object
progress Sets progress state
Prompt Displays a dialog box to enter a string with possible default value
read_file Reads file data as string or binary
RegisterCodeTemplate Register Code Template handler
RegisterCommand Register new command
RegisterCommandListener Register listener for existing command by name
RegisterCompletionProvider Register code completion provider for syntax
RegisterIcon Register Icon by Window Handle HANDLE_PTR
RegisterImageBitmap Register Icon from Bitmap
RegisterImagePath Register Icon by path
RegisterImageResource Register Icon from Application binary resource (can be bitmap, PNG or Icon of any size)
RegisterImageString Register inline Icon base64 encoded binary data
RegisterShortKey Register ShortKey handler
RegisterTool Register a tool
RegisterVariable Register external variable (vValue can be explicit BSTR value or IVariableHandler* callback)
RemoveAutoCorrection Remove auto correction item
ReplaceEx Replace text in a way similar to interactive search
ResolveFileName Resolves incomplete file name
save_file Save file data
SelectFiles Displays Application File Save/Open dialog. SAFEARRAY of BSTR
ShowOptions Show options dialog
ShowSearchDlg Show search dialog
sleep Pauses execution for the specified time in milliseconds
status Sets status message
Storage Creates initial storage object
Style Creates Style Object
UnRegisterCodeTemplate UnRegister Code Template handler
UnRegisterCommand UnRegister a command
UnRegisterCommandListener UnRegister listener for existing command by instance
UnRegisterCompletionProvider UnRegister code completion provider for syntax by instance
UnRegisterShortKey UnRegister ShortKey handler
UnRegisterTool UnRegister a tool
UnRegisterVariable UnRegister external variable
UpdateAll Update all open documents
uuid_generate Generates new UUID
wtoa Converts Unicode text to ASCII