Options dialogMost of HippoEDIT options are located in same dialog (can be called with main menu Tools→Options), but there are shortcuts that allows you to access some parts quicker (as Tools→Color Schemes or Tools→Keyboard Settings…). Even plug-ins settings are integrated into same Options Dialog.

Settings are organized in the hierarchy, by groups and allow quickly filter options by keyword with the help of input field on top of the dialog. Filter stores search history, so you can retrieve your old queries easy.

Apply and OK buttons on the bottom are only enabled in case if some changes to settings were done. Apply does the same job as OK, but do not close the dialog.

Current page is indicated in dialog window title.

Following settings groups are available:

Use ? symbol in dialog title or Ctrl+Shift+F1 shortcut to get context help for selected option

There are some shortcut commands, that can be used for faster access to often used options.