Code Hint Options

By default, HippoEDIT will use all possible sources of completion when displaying code hints. But using following XML flags you can fine granular tune what shall be shown and what not.

In settings.xml find node CodeHints, it controls if Code Hints shall be shown or not (also available on Options UI):

   <CodeHints show_templates="true" show_statistics="true" show_autocorrection="true" show_autocorrection_to="true" show_keywords="true" show_pattern_match="true" show_external="true">true</CodeHints>

Default state for all attributes is true and may be omitted.

Attribute Description
show_templates show code templates (matched by code template key)
show_statistics show statistic data (already typed content prioritized by usage data)
show_autocorrection show completion based on match of From keys of auto-correction data
show_autocorrection_to show completion based on match of To keys of auto-correction data
show_keywords show keywords from syntax schema
show_pattern_match show completion based on similar lines above
show_external show completion from plugins
The flag is available from HippoEDIT 1.50.16

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