Regular Expression Search: Dot Not Match Newline

By default search regular expression used in HippoEDIT (BOOST Regexp) interpret “.” symbol in expression as ANY symbol. Including newline character. So that can happen that search with your greedy regular expression will take too long (for example, a.*b ), while it analyzes whole text, from first “a” until document end.

There are two ways to solve that: change your expression to nongreedy form (that is probably what you want), as for example: a.*?b or you can force HippoEDIT to always search within a line, if “.” is used (“.” do not match newline symbol).

Default behavior of for processing “.” character in HippoEDIT search engine can be controlled by following XML flag in settings.xml:


Default value is false.

The feature available from HippoEDIT 1.51.35

xml option performance 1 51