Update File Read-Only State

If an file is set on disc to read-only you can still modify an document by disabling File → Read Only.

BUT the disabling of Read-Only in HippoEDIT does not change the read-only attribute of the file itself. So the file is still read-only, even if you disable File → Read-Only in Editor and modify the document. That means you can't save the modified document to that current file name, you will be prompted with a Save as… -dialog.

That's because this File-Attribute-Follows-Editor-Setting is set to false by default, but you can modify settings.xml to change this:


Awaited manner: If a file is r/o on disc and you disable File → Read Only in the editor the r/o attribute of the file on disc is removed and you are able to save the document to that very file name.

xml option