Ignore first click on inactive window

In most of the Windows applications and in previous versions of HippoEDIT, left mouse to click on text editor area of the inactive/non-focused application, leads to the activation of the application + setting of the focus on clicked element + updating caret position. Caret is moved to the place, where activation mouse click was done. This is not always expected and leads to such workaround, as activation clicks on some UI area, where activation may be done without caret position update (outside of the text editor).

The XML flag “IgnoreFirstClick” controls how HippoEDIT works in described case. If XML flag is set to true or undefined, first left mouse to click on inactive text editor area will only activate the application and will set the focus, but will not move the caret. If you do not like this behavior you can revert logic to the standard one, using instruction below.

Default behavior on left mouse click on inactive window can be controlled by following XML flag in settings.xml:


Default value is true.

The feature available from HippoEDIT 1.60.18

xml option 1 60