User Directory

Location of the HippoEDIT user data directory depends on installation type you have selected:

  • for Portable it equals installation directory,
  • for Current user should be in %AppData%\HippoEDIT for current user,
  • for All users should be in All Users\Application Data\HippoEDIT.

The current location of the user directory can be found in About Box (everything before \data):

User the directory in About box from HippoEDIT

In general changing of the User Directory location is only possible during of initial installation. If you do not like that your data is stored on in one of the standard user data folders (%AppData% or All Users\Application Data) it is recommended to select Portable type of the installation and place as binary as data files in the desired directory.

But in case you have already done the installation, or for some reason you do not want to put binaries and data files in the same directory, but still want to have your data files in specific directory there is standard Window way → use Junction or Soft Links (only for NTFS file system).

Using soft link you can map HippoEDIT data directories (or full User Directory, if used Current User or All Users installation) to directory of your choice. For example: open console as Start Menu Run → :

  • Go to Start Menu → type cmd.exe → right mouse click on it → Run as Administrator
  • Type in the console window example below to create a junction point connecting HippoEDIT user directory in %AppData% to one in Dropbox folder.
mklink /D D:\Dropbox\ProgramData\HippoEDIT C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\HippoEDIT

For the creation of the Junction point, you can use the mklink command as Junction tool from Sysinternals.