Clipboard Formats

HippoEDIT supports several clipboard formats (text, HTML, RTF) and when place something to clipboard, registers to provide this something in all formats it can.

Other applications, that want to paste current clipboard content check in which formats this content is provided and take one that fits their needs best (or take none, if nothing fits).

But sometimes what other application wants, does not fit to what user wants. In such cases, you can get a state that HippoEDIT will ALWAYS paste WYSIWYG texts into WYSIWYG-editors (e.g. Word, Wordpress, Frontpage) since all WYSIWYG-editors want WYSIWYG text, while user wants to get rid of WYSIWYG formatting (= formatting that HippoEDIT itself inserted into the text).

So, to solve this issue, there is an XML tag in setting.xml available. You can use attribute disabled_formats of node Clipboard to list that formats you do not want to be provided by HippoEDIT:

   <Clipboard disabled_formats="(HTML, RTF)"/>

xml option