Edge Up/Down Navigation

Edge Navigation for Up/Down commandsBy default, HippoEDIT, when navigating in document up/down will jump to start of the document (0,0) or to the end of the document (LastLine, LastLineEndPos), if up/down is pressed on the first/last line of the document. This is a smart feature of the HippoEDIT, which is, however, not work like this in other editors. If you do not like default behavior you can modify it by XML flag. Default behavior of Up/Down navigation on first/last line can be controlled by following XML flag in settings.xml:


Default value is true - means jump to start/end of the document on up/down commands on first last line of the document. If set to false, the editor will not move caret on up/down commands on the first/last line.

The feature available from HippoEDIT 1.60.34

xml option 1 60