View Offset

If you are in the text editor and come with the cursor to the upper or bottom line, the editor will automatically scroll up or down, to ensure that the cursor is visible. For navigating horizontally it works the same way. If you want to disable such behavior or increase number of extra lines visible before/after cursor you may use following XML flags, configured in settings.xml:


Values are defined in lines. Default for all offsets is 1 line. If you do not maintain some of offsets, default values will be used.

There is no direct way to define offset in proportional/percentage way, but there is a trick. If you give too big values for offsets that do not fit in current editor screen size (in summary), the editor will normalize values and adapt entered values according to current limits. So, if you enter knowingly too huge values, as for example, top offset 1000 and 500 for bottom offset, it will result in you cursor position always positioned on 2/3 part of the screen.


The same works for horizontal cursor adjactment. The feature, with proportional positioning, is available from HippoEDIT version 1.60.47.

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