Where my HippoEDIT configuration stored?

HippoEDIT stores configuration in different files which can be found in User Directory.

  • hippoedit.config - stores global IDE settings
  • workspaces\default.hewsp - Default workspace. Window positions and states, open files, recent files, input history etc for HE started standalone
  • workspaces\viewer.hewsp - Viewer workspace. Same as default.hewsp but for cases when HE started by double click from explorer (if –workspace=viewer passed in command line)
  • data\settings.xml - editor settings
  • data\autocorrect.xml - autocorrection data
  • data\syntax\…_spec.xml + …_user.xml - specification and user files for separated syntaxes
  • data\colors\color_….xml - color palettes
  • data\keymaps\keymap_default.xml - default keyboard layout

All paths are default and relative to HippoEDIT user directory.

Usually if you are asked to send configuration files, you need to send:

  • hippoedit.config
  • workspaces\default.hewsp (better to send whole workspaces directory)
  • data\settings.xml (better to send whole data directory).

Sometimes, if problem occurs in context of some specific syntax, it is better to to send also data\syntax\%you_syntax%_spec.xml + %you_syntax%_user.xml.

Syntax settings

As already written configuration/properties for specific syntax contained in 2 dedicated files

Contains basic syntax settings as:

  • Specification (case sensitive, file mask, open/close pairs etc)
  • Styles (how to highlight the text)
  • Scopes (how to outline the text)
  • Labels (how to navigate through the text)
Do not modify spec files of standard syntaxes - these files may be overwritten during updates and you will lose your changes (old files are saved in <file_name.extension>.old files aside). If you want to modify standard syntax schema, better copy it (changing ID) or create new one, inheriting existing

Contains user specific preference for syntax and in most cases delivered empty (or not delivered at all). These files are never overwritten by updates and left as they are after initial installation. user file contain:

License file

It is not possible to copy license.dat from one PC to another one. You need to re-register (enter your license key) on the second machine too.
The only way to avoid this, if you initially install HE on a flash (remote) drive. In this case, license.dat would be bound to it.

More files

  • <file name>.auto.tmp –> They are for auto recovery function.
  • <file name>.heinf or <file name>.inf.xml –> These are file satellites, containing document related information
  • %TEMP%\he*.tmp –> HippoEDIT temporary files.
  • <file name>.bak –> Backup of last file state before modifying (Options→Editor→File Backup)
  • <workspace_name.undo> –> undo history for files open in workspace (stored between sessions). From 1.50.
  • *.heprj –> HippoEDIT project files.