Cache Files

After the first start of the HippoEDIT you will find some new temporary files in the Current User temp folder created by the editor. In most cases these files are buffers for xml parsed data to speed up hippoedit next start. You can delete them or disable creation (if you want pure portable behavior) but this will result in slower startup.

Here are the description of all files:

  • heautocorr.tmp - pre-compiled auto correction data
  • hecolors.tmp - pre-compliled current color schema data
  • hegeneral.tmp - pre-complied general settings
  • hekeymap.tmp - pre-compiled current keyboard mapping
  • heplugin.tmp - pre-complied list of found plug-ins dll and scripts
  • hesyntax.tmp - pre-compiled syntax files data
  • hescript.tmp - cached information about scripts dependencies and settings
  • heonline.tmp - cached online repository data (reused between repository syncs), plus information about installed bundles
  • hefilepref.tmp - :!: file with all file related settings. For example when you set encoding for file different from default or syntax, or word wrap for a some file, this is store here. So if this file will be deleted or lost, these settings will be lost. Paths to files are absolute.

If you for some reasons want to disable creation of these temporary files, you can start HippoEDIT with command line parameter –portable.

Or use Portable option.