Syntax Miscellaneous

Syntax Miscellaneous PageHere you can find some not very important language settings (except of file pattern) and get direct access to syntax definition, tools and context help.

  • Abstract - indicates if syntax is abstract. An abstract is not used in any menus, you can assign it to some file or select in file open dialog. Abstract syntaxes are used as a base for similar languages and allow you to move inside some general settings/definitions for similar syntaxes. You can not change this property in UI but can modify in XML directly.
  • Read-Only - if set, all documents of this syntax will be by default not editable. Can be modified in XML directly.
  • File Pattern - file mask associated with the syntax. The file mask used for identifying of the syntax on document load as a filter for document selection in file open/save dialogs.
  • Associative Color - the color, which shall be associated with this syntax and helps you to identify actions or document related to this syntax. If different from automatic, the color will be used in menus for document names or syntax names, in dialog or windows with file lists etc.
  • Tools - quick link to management of syntax related tools. Same as you can get from the main menu Tools→Manage Tools.
  • Context Help - quick access to management of syntax specific context help items. Same as can be accessed through the main menu Help→Syntax Help.

View/Edit specification/user file for syntax in the editor.