Code Templates Settings

Code Templates SettingsCode Templates in HippoEDIT are syntax dependent and inheritable.

You can:

  • define so many templates as you want
  • add/delete/edit templates
  • hide/or show code templates inherited from parent syntaxes (Show Inherited Templates check).

Every template shall have unique key (text that triggers template expanding), can have a description (if not defined, key is used as description) and can have an associated shortcut.

Shortcuts for Code Templates have priority over global or tools shortcuts and can override them. Shortcuts are only active if current cursor position in the document located in associated syntax area. Editing of Code Template

After execution of the Code Template, associated key/text will be replaced by code template code, that can be defined in Code window here. In the template code, you can use as text as variables, which will be substituted by corresponding value during execution.
By using of Insert Tag… button you get insert built-in variables, with Environment…environment variables and you can use user variables.

Code Templates for syntax are stored in syntax user file and never overwritten.