File Satellites

File satellites called hidden files that you can some times find near source files you have edited with HippoEDIT.
In older versions of HippoEDIT they have format as <source_file_name>.inf.xml, newer versions of HippoEDIT create files with names like this <source_file_name>.heinf. In both cases files are marked as system and hidden.

Some times (this depends on option selected for Information Storage) you can see only one file named .heinf in directory. It contains merged data for all source files edited by HippoEDIT in this directory.

File satellites contain data which is not source code relevant but only needed to HippoEDIT in order to display the file in same way as you left it by last editing session. The data can be:

  • Cursor and Scrolling position (to be stored, requires further data to be existing also)
  • Bookmarks
  • Folding State
  • Text Highlighting
  • etc

The satellite file is created as far as you have added any bookmark/highlighting or collapse structure and press save. The cursor/scroll position changes only, are not saved.

If document goes to default state (all breakpoints/highloghting etc deleted), file satellite is also deleted.

Such single file based storage allows transporting of user data together with source files.