Command Line

In addition to well known passing of the file names as parameter in command line there are some others that can be interesting:

Short Long Needs parameter Description
-m --new-instance start another instance
--config yes set configuration directory
--init initialize all cached properties
--prefetch prefetch cached properties cached properties
--silent do not show main window (useful, if only settings are manipulated)
--register_file_previewer register file extensions with HippoEDIT file previewer
--unregister_file_previewer unregister HippoEDIT file previewer associations
--portable run application in portable mode (no *.tmp files)
--debug enables debug mode. Has nothing to do with real debugging, just enables some traces
-d --directory yes set current directory
--title yes append 'title' to the main window title bar
--win_x yes horizontal screen position of the window (in pixels)
--win_y yes vertical screen position of the window (in pixels)
-u --no-recent do not add the file to the Recent Files list
-w --workspace yes name of saved workspace, if empty, no would be loaded
--project yes name of saved project, if empty, project will be created
--install yes name of bundle file, if empty, nothing will be installed
-h --help produce help message
--close_all close all documents
-s --save_all saves all modified documents
-i --input-file yes input files
-v --recursive process also sub-folders for mask file open
-x --exclude yes exclude mask for mask open
-l --line yes cursor position line number
-c --column yes cursor position column number
-r --read-only read-only mode
-t --type yes syntax to apply to passed files
-e --encoding yes sets an encoding for file
-n --new creates new file
-o --open calls File Open dialog
--paste paste clipboard content
--find yes search current document
--landscape yes set landscape/portrait orientation for printing. the argument should be used together with --print (-p) or --print_to
--print_to yes call Print to dialog, where argument equal to name of printer where you want to print
-p --print direct print
--minimized start minimized(iconized)

All parameters can be combined and used together.

If you use parameters containing spaces (as path names), they should be surrounded by double quotes:
HippoEdit.exe “D:\My Projects\test.txt” -l 10 -c 10

HippoEdit.exe –workspace=viewer D:\Projects\binU\HippoEdit.config -l 10 -c 10

You can always get available list of command line parameters by calling hippoedit.exe with parameter --help.