Syntax Settings

Syntax list in HippoEDITHippoEDIT allows you to maintain syntax dependent settings.

You can enable/disable some syntax here (uncheck it in the list): only enabled syntaxes will be then shown in menus, filters etc. You can also install new syntaxes from online repository here.

Settings for syntaxes are located in Tools→Options→Syntax Settings and then needed syntax. There are two alternative (faster) ways to access of current document syntax setting:

  • call it from Overview Bar context menu or
  • from Tools→Syntax Settings (%CurrentSyntax%).

Following syntax dependent options can be maintained:

Changes done for single syntax are only this one syntax specific. And also not inheritable to sub syntaxes (in compare to style settings for example). If you want to globally maintain some option, for all syntaxes, you can All Syntaxes node.

All changes for options located in All All Syntaxes node will be copied to all active syntaxes. Option state also indicates you if all syntaxes have same value maintained (undecided state means mixed settings).

Abstract syntaxes (as Default or Default source etc) are skipped and not changed.

Currently you can only mass maintain settings for Display, Word Wrap and Tabs and Spaces.