Word Wrap Settings

Word Wrap settings for syntax Word Wrap settings are syntax and document dependent. Modifications done for syntax, will be applied for all new documents of current syntax and for documents which do not have personalized settings (done via View→Editor or Word Wrap toolbar icon).

  • Disable - word wrapping is disabled
  • By Window Edge - lines are wrapped by size of text editor window (based on pixel width)
  • By Page Width - lines are wrapped by size of page width (based on char count defined for page width).
  • By Page Width inserting Hard Break - lines are wrapped by size of page width with inserting of line break between wrapped parts (based on char count defined for page width).

In some cases, in addition to personalized setting for document, word wrap can be automatically disabled, if document opened are too large. This is performance optimization done for speed up large logs loading. Can be modified with XML flag.

Defines, in symbols, size of text editor page.

You can see current page width margin on screen, if View->Editor->Page Width is enabled.

  • Word Wrap Glyph/IndicatorShow visual glyphs for word wrap - option controls, if visual glyphs for wrapped lines should be shown on right margin (sometimes on left margin also).
  • Show page width - default, syntax related, setting for page width, that can be overwritten by personalized document settings in View→Editor→Page Width.