Fonts and Colours

Font and Colour settings for syntax in HippoEDIT HippoEDIT has highly customizable fonts and color system, that allows you inherit settings from parent syntax, overwrite settings from parent of extend them.

You can use monospaced or non-monospaced fonts (monospaced are preferable if you often work with block selection), any size fonts or select to use fonts from parent languages (Use from <SyntaxName>).

You can use explicit colors or indirect color indexes that referrers to some color from the current color palette.

There are such predefined values for colors as:

You can define as text colour (foreground) as back colour (background).

In addition to colour settings you can set font styles as:

  • Bold (true/false/inherit from style below)
  • Italic (true/false/inherit from style below)
  • Underlined (true/false/inherit from style below)
  • Strikethrough (true/false/inherit from style below)

Inheriting style means, taking the value of the property defined in style below, during runtime stapling of styles on drawing.

Additional font styles as as squeezes, boxing, or different underlining available with direct modification of styles in syntax files ( HippoEDIT < version 1.50 ) or in Advanced Style Settings dialog (see below).

Option Show Inherited Styles controls if styles inherited from parent syntax should be shown.

Pay attention to the indication of inheritance of the style on the right side of the style name. Name of syntax owning the style, indicated in parentheses. E.g (Default) in example screenshot above. If you change style configuration for inherited style, it is actually changed for current, owning and all inherited from owning syntaxes.

Advanced Style Settings dialogIn addition to basic style properties, you can define advanced ones, that may be use in rare cases as error or matching indication.


Define underlining style and colour of underlining.

Style may be selected from following options:

  • None - no underlining
  • Diagonal - short, diagonal line underlining
  • Squiggle - wave underlining
  • TT - multi t-like underlining
  • Plain - plain, 1px underlining
  • Plain2x - plain, 2px underlining
  • Plain3x - plain, 3px underlining
  • Plain4x - plain, 4px underlining

Colour may be any of palette colors or explicit/custom one.


Define style of surrounding block for text block.

You can define box style:

  • None - no surrounding
  • Rectangle - rectangle box
  • Round Rectangle - rounded rectangle block
  • Horizontally Bounded - block is bounded by vertical lines aside
  • Vertically Bounded - block is bounded by horizontal lines above and below

You can define Frame Colour for painting box frame, using any palette or custom colour.
And Fill Colour, for filling inner part of the frame, also using any palette or custom color.

Show in Overview Bar controls visibility of the style area on Overview Bar.