Printing Options

There are plenty of printing settings you can set in HippoEDIT to customize your print-outs as you prefer.

General printing settings in HippoEDIT

  • Print Line Numbers - prints line numbers right side to code
  • Wrap Lines - wrap long lines to new sublines below. If not set, printed lines will be truncated by page size
  • Orientation - Portrait or Landscape, set base layout for page.
  • Columns - allows you to print your source code in more than one column, side by side. Useful, if your document has limited, or short lines and you prefer compact print-out. You can set a number of columns to print, gaps size between columns (in millimeters), and decide if you want to have visible separator line (solid line) between columns.
  • Color Scheme - if you prefer to have a different color scheme for your printouts (for example Printer Friendly), you can set here one.

Printing page layout settings