Editor Options

  • Keep files locked while editing them - do not allow other applications to edit or delete files open in HippoEDIT
  • Show file icons on Document Tabs - show file associated icons on document tabs (MDI tabs) left to document title
  • Close button on every Document Tab - show an [X] icon on each tab as closing helper
  • Hide file extension for Document Tab - show only file name, without extension, as document tab title
  • Full Path in window title - show full path of current active document in main windows title
  • Ensure unique document title - in case if you have several documents open, which located in different folders but have same name, HE will try to adopt document title, displayed for example on document tabs to extend title, by displaying of document path part, to allow you distinguish files
  • Retain Undo After Save - store Undo information to use them even after saving the document
  • Save Auto-Recovery information - automatically store recovery information for modified document to restore document state in case of unexpected data lose.

HippoEDIT provides several backup modes.

Other text editor related settings: