Line Numbers

If this option enabled, the editor shows line numbers on left side of the source code. The option can be set as for specific document (menu View→Editor (file specific)→Line Numbers) as for all documents of specific syntax.

By default, line numbers displayed in so-called condensed mode, when line number is drawn for every 5th line and current line. If you prefer normal mode, where line numbers are shown for every line, you can switch it with help of dedicated setting in Editor → Display options page.

If Indicator Margin is Off, used also for displaying markers like bookmarks. If displaying of Word Wrap glyphs is disabled for syntax, they are also drawn on the “line numbers” area.

Line number area is also used for visualization of a line change/saved state (if enabled, editor spares in such way dedicated area for indicating line change/saved state mode).

Line Numbers in HippoEDIT

Left mouse click and drag on the line numbers area does line mode selection for text right side.

To quickly switch line numbers on or off, use context menu for left border of text editor area. Or View Editor Toolbar plug-in.