Display properties

HippoEDIT supports various display settings:

  • Changed Lines indicator shows you which parts of the code you have changed during last session and which changed parts were saved. Simplify changing of bad known or not your coding.
  • Line Numbers helps to navigate through coding and useful in word wrap mode marking wrapped lines.
  • Current Line Highlighting makes it easy to find current cursor position in document.
  • White space shows you such hidden symbols like spaces, tabs, and line breaks.
  • Indentation guides indicate Tab positions in the document.
  • You can hide or display Indicator, Changed, Numbers and Outlining margins if you need more horizontal space or don't need them.
  • Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars can be hidden or shown.
  • Page width. You can use page width to check the length of your lines and see are they inside of defined range.
  • Structure separators show you where high-level structures finish (function, subroutine, class, method etc), separating them one from another and making navigation easy.

Visualization possibilities in HippoEDIT

You can easily access configuration for visual editor features with help of margin context menu.

If you right click on selection margin, outlining margin, word wrap margin or ruler you can access some of the properties available in the main menu View→Editor.