XML Pretty Print

The plug-in extends standard formatting functionality (Edit.FormatAll, Edit.FormatSelection) for XML based syntaxes. As formating engine based on code for beautifing of XML by Vadim Kiryukhin.

So, if you want to pretty print or improve your ugly, one line, or wrongly formatted XML file (or file with syntax similar/inherited from XML as HTML, SVG or XSLT) this plugin for text editor will be useful.

The plugin is seamlessly integrated, so just use common code formatting commands to get it acting - for syntaxes based on XML formatting will be automatically enhanced.

Example, one line code (word wrapped) before:
XML File before formatting

end after applying FormatAll (was used XML Pretty Print):
XML file after beautifying

You can install plugin directly from HippoEDIT Plugins options page (Tools→Options→Plugins), if you have Online Repository activated or by download plugin bundle directly from this page and open it with HippoEDIT.

  • For details about integration, you can ask on forum.
  • For details about formatting rules/exception you can ask here: vkBeautify