Online Repository

The On-line repository allows you to use on-line resources, available on the HippoEDIT web site for download, directly in the HippoEDIT UI.

Online Repository (can be enabled in Tools→Options→General→Online) simplifies installation of extensions, syntaxes, color palettes, etc from the on-line library. It also helps keep your install up to date with latest functionality available for HippoEDIT.

If enabled (you need to reopen settings to see changes), you will be able to install new extensions, syntaxes etc from within the editor. On-line resources seamlessly integrate into UI (grayed out) and when selected will prompt you to agree on download and installing of new feature.

In addition the editor will track files you're opening and will suggest you a suitable syntax schema from on-line repository for files, which are not recognized based on locally installed syntax schema's (based on file extension).

  • Possibility to see directly in the HippoEDIT Syntax Settings options page, list of the syntax schemes available in on-line repository (in addition to already installed). The on-line syntaxes can be downloaded and installed the same way as you activate a pre-installed syntax.
  • If you open a file with unknown extension or syntax, HippoEDIT checks on server for suitable schema and may suggest you suitable schema available on-line.
  • On-line lists of plugins, color schemes, file templates and keyboard schemes are also shown.
  • You can also manage all available and inserted extensions with help of new Update Manager.