Bundles are pre-configured packages, that can contain any HippoEDIT add-on/extension, as syntax files, script/binary plugins, color schemes, file templates etc.

Technically it is a zip archive (with predefined extension .hebundle) with some files and installation instruction inside (package-info.xml), which defines how/where files will be extracted and what shall be registered. In addition, it contains rollback instruction to uninstall the bundle. The bundle files extension is registered by HippoEDIT and installation of the bundle will be executed automatically if you open (double click) it in Windows (relevant only for > 1.50). In 1.49 “bundles” were just a zip archive with files you need to unpack by yourself. From 1.50 all updates within Update Manager, seamlessly integrated online resources (on-line plugins, color schemes etc. in settings) and extensions from the web site are installed with help of bundles.