Syntax Tools

Syntax Tools in HippoEDIT The Syntax Tools plug-in contains functions that can help you in creating a new syntax schema. So, from now on, if you want to create a syntax schema for a missing language, the recommended way would be to download one of the existing syntax definitions from other editors and convert them to HippoEDIT syntax with the help of this plug-in.

It's possible that the result of the conversion will not be a perfect, errorless HippoEDIT syntax schema, but it will, at least, be a good start. If you have several sources for conversion, usually the best import result is from UltraEdit, followed by TextPad and lastly PSPad.

Th plug-in provides the following functions, available from Syntax menu and as commands:

  • Import UltraEDIT syntax… - import UltraEdit syntax files (*.uew) that can be found here.
  • Import TextPad syntax… - import TextPad syntax files (*.syn). Available TextPad syntax definitions can be downloaded here.
  • Import PSPad syntax… - import PSPad syntax files (*.in). Check for PSPad syntax definitions on PSPad web site (you need to extract *.ini from zip archive on site).
  • Load Syntax - reload HippoEDIT syntax definition, without restarting of HippoEDIT itself.

You can install the plugin directly from HippoEDIT Plugins options page (Tools→Options→Plugins), if you have Online Repository activated or by downloading plugin bundle directly from this page and opening it with HippoEDIT.

Download and Install Syntax Tools for HippoEDIT

For further details about integration, you can ask on forum.