JSHint (extended alternative of the JSLint) plug-in it is a local wrapper for the online tool for validation of JavaScript available on jshint.org. JSLint is one of the “must have” javascript development tools, that does static code analysis and validation of javascript code. Regular usage of JSHint plugin will help you to keep code in good quality and avoid mistyping and common errors/problems appearing in JS programs.

This plugin, JS Beautifier and JS Minifier can turn HippoEDIT for you in fully functional JavaScript IDE ;)

The plug-in provides UI for easy customization of validation parameters, a list of output validation results, and different ways for triggering of the validation (with a toolbar, pane or shortcut).

JSHint integration in HippoEDIT

You can install plugin directly from HippoEDIT Plugins options page (Tools→Options→Plugins), if you have Online Repository activated or by download plugin bundle directly from this page and open it with HippoEDIT.

For more information go to jshint.org.
For details about integration, you can ask on forum.