Google Tools

The plugin gives you an easy access to some common Google Tools. Currently, this is only Google Translate but can be also text or image search later.

Google Translate Toolbar icon

After installation you will get:

  • Command “GoogleTranslate.ShowTip” which will trigger translation for selected text or current word and display translation results in ToolTip
  • New toolbar + toolbar button for quick access to translate command
  • Plugin Configuration page, where you can define source and target language for translation and some additional options.
Google Translate settingsTranslation Tooltip

You can install plugin directly from HippoEDIT Plugins options page (Tools→Options→Plugins), if you have Online Repository activated or by download plugin bundle directly from this page and open it with HippoEDIT.

Download and Install Google Tools for HippoEDIT

For details about integration, you can ask on forum.