Code Alignment

Code Alignment plugin helps you in a vertically alignment of text/source code to improve code readability. Same time it makes source code more readable and helps you easily see the close relation of code blocks or assignments. The plugin vertically aligns text around the cursor position or inside of selected area.

An example usage of the plugin is an alignment of repeated assignments done in neighboring lines.

For example, this JavaScript code:

var a = 10.0;
var b =20.0;
var width = 100;
var height = 200;

will be converted to:

var a      = 10.0;
var b      = 20.0;
var width  = 100;
var height = 200;

Alignment plugin for HippoEDITYou can access alignment functionality of with the help of new command Alignment.VAlign or through toolbar/menu, exposing the same command.

The plugin functionality is not strict to some specific syntax but depends only on assignment/delimiter characters used. Following delimiters are checked: =, :, . If none of the delimiters found, the alignment will be done on word boundaries (using spaces as delimiters).

This plug-in is actually JavaScript port of the Python-based Sublime VAlign plugin (written by jlong64) adopted/rewritten for HippoEDIT.

You can install plugin directly from HippoEDIT Plugins options page (Tools→Options→Plugins), if you have Online Repository activated or by download plugin bundle directly from this page and open it with HippoEDIT.

For more information go to Sublime VAlign.
For details about integration, you can ask on forum.