Code Templates

Powerful, user-defined Code Templates greatly simplify typing of standard constructions. You can use such predefined tags like current date time, modification time, current word, current line and column number, clipboard content, registry values, surrounded text, document name, interactive dialogs for variables, file and directory paths, environment variables etc.

Code Template

Code template can be triggered:

  • by associated shortcut
  • by typing of code template key and calling Expand Template command (Edit.ExpandTemplate, default shortcut Ctrl+Enter)
  • by accepting Code Hint suggesting you Code Template
  • by direct call of Format→Code Templates
  • by selecting of the Code Template from Completion List (if Code Templates are enabled there).
  • by calling Auto Completion (Edit.AutoComplete, default shortcut Cltr+Space) on selected text
  • by using of scripting API and calling it from script

Code Templates are syntax dependent, you can create/delete/editing existing templates in Tools->Options->Syntax Settings->%SYNTAX%->Code Templates.