Information Storage

Options Dialog: Information Storage PageThere are some user data which is not source code relevant but only HippoEDIT relevant. As:

  • Cursor and Scrolling position (to be stored, requires further data to be existing also)
  • Bookmarks
  • Folding State
  • Text Highlighting
  • etc

HippoEDIT tries to store this information as far as possible to bring the document you have some when edited in same state like it was in last editing session.

There are several options exist for location of such data, with its own pros and cons:

  • File Satellites - file state information stored in hidden satellite file ({file_name}.heinf) in same directory. Fast way
  • Alternative File Streams - file state information stored in alternative file stream inside of same source file. Only for NTFS 5 and higher (Win 2000). The state information will be lost if file is copied on file system different from NTFS. Fast. No additional files used.
  • Shared Directory Satellite file - file state information stored in hidden directory shared file .heinf located in same directory. Slower.
  • Current Workspace file - file state information stored in current workspace file (so, workspace specific), and not visible if you use another workspace (as viewer workspace for example).