Editor Display Settings

Text editor has a lot of customization possibilities. Some of them can be adjusted with XML settings but some have UI configuration.

Here you can find following options:

  • Vertical scroll bar - display vertical scrollbar at the right of the text editor window, if needed
  • Horizontal scroll bar - display horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the text editor window, if needed
  • Use smooth scrolling - scroll document vertically smoothly. Make scrolling nicer but a little bit slower. The feature is automatically disabled when running in Terminal Servers sessions.
  • Hide cursor while typing - hide the mouse cursor (not the text cursor ) while typing
  • Condensed Line Numbers - controls how line numbers are displayed
  • Separate Collapsed Blocks - draw additional three line separator, right side to collapsed block, for better recognizing
  • Dim inactive outlining - draw outlining margin in dimmed color and highlight on mouse over
  • Colored Braces - draw pair symbols in multi color, to see corresponding close/open symbol easier
  • Colored Indent Guides - draw Indent Guides in multi color, to follow structure easier.
  • White space in selection - show white space characters inside selection
  • Scope Exits - draw scope exists indicators for language constructs causing jump out of the current scope.
  • Indent Wrapped Lines - indent wrapped sub lines to same level level as leading offset of first sub line
  • End Tag Annotations - show comment like annotations for end of scope tags, with information about current scope. Only shown in case of count of the lines in the scope more than some limit.