Workspace Properties

Workspace properties dialog shows what can be stored in the current workspace and give you additional information about the workspace. For example is it an automatic or standard workspace.

Can be accessed from main menu File → Workspace → Properties….

Workspace may persist for you following states and objects before sessions:

  • Open documents - all files currently open will be reopen after restart
  • Undo History (for open documents only) - Undo hisotry of all open documents will be persistent
  • Untitled documents - currently open untitled and not saved documents, will be persistent and reopen without save request on exit
  • Tool Windows - Tool indows positions and states will be persistent between sessions
  • Main Window - main window position and state will be persisted between sessions
  • Last Used History - last items, used in different areas will be persisted (included recent files, recent projects, recent code pages, recent syntaxes etc)
  • Search Settings - search settings as different flags, directories etc will be persistent
  • Search Results - search results shall be persistent. For further granularity of what and how much of search results shall be saved check in explicit settings for Search Results plugin.
  • Input History - history of typed entries in different input field shall be persisted
  • Clipboard Items - current content of clipboard (including multi clipboard items) shall be persisted
  • Plugin settings - different plugin settings, stored in workspace level shall be persisted

Here you can access workspace level of user variables.