Search Results

If you execute cumulative searches (as Find All or Replace All) and select as Result OutputFind Window, results of the search will be shown in tree list form (of course if search plug-in enabled).

Results are grouped by search instance and files. Matches are marked in extracted matching lines by the underline font.

The list is editable and you can delete that results you are not interested. Or, alternatively you can copy some matches, you would like to keep for further processing.

You can also store more than one search result and even persist results between session. See Configuration part.

Search Results pane in HippoEDIT


  • Previous Match - Navigate to previous match from result list. Set focus, and cursor on respective position in the document.
  • Next Match - Navigate to next match from result list. Set focus, and cursor on respective position in the document.
  • Delete - deletes selected entries (deleting of the parent also deletes child nodes)
  • Collapse/Expand all nodes - collapse expand all nodes in selected areas. Nodes here mean: result and file nodes.
  • Find… - starts find dialog to search/highlight inside results
  • Mark - mark all found by internal Find matches in the list
  • Refresh - re-executes currently selected search with same parameters as before
  • Stop - stops current search
  • Clone - clones (copies) selected matches/results into new Find window


HippoEDIT remembers already visited matches (you have navigated to match already with double click or ToolBar/Menu command). This helps you to find out the line you have already “processed”.

This feature can be turned off in settings.


Using internal find feature, you can narrow you search, or search by additional parameters inside of results.

You can search case or not case sensitive.

You can also highlight all finding in result list, using Mark feature. Match is displayed in inverse color.

Search Results settings

Search Results it is a plug-in (built-in, but plug-in). So as any plug-in it can be disabled, and then will not be loaded, in plug-in list main menu Tools→Plugins. And as for other plug-ins it setting are located under Plug-ins node.

You can configure:

  • How many search results should be stored (in session). The default is 1.
  • How many search results should be saved between session. Default None.
  • Mark Visited Matches - if visited matches shall be visualized differently.