Navigation Bar

How much time you want to navigate between classes in you CSS, functions in your C file or sections in INI file? Now it is possible with the help of Navigation bar and Labels.

Navigation bar and Labels

If you have Labels defined for your syntax, Navigation Bar, located on top of your document, would show a list of the labels found in the document. It helps to filter and navigate to any label, see current label when navigating in a source code, go fast to label definition in the document with one mouse click. You can think about Navigation Bar and Labels as about Function List, used in other editors and function/method definitions, but this couple is much more powerful.

With Label you can define any regular expression that should represent it, use result of the match to form Name of the Label and Description, select which image should be used depending on result of additional evaluation, or define sub image that can represent, for example, visibility of label (Private, Protected or Public). You can bind Label with Scope and it would be shown on Hierarchy Bar and in Scroll Tip. Found labels are also used for Smart Navigate, so if you call the command having a cursor on some label usage in the text, you would be driven to label definition.

Navigation Bar could also be called Function List or Code Browser. Because basically it is a place where you see a list of functions, variables modules, and classes in the currently active file.

Labels (“functions”) in the list are ordered alphabetically (to sort by position in the document - collection order, use following XML flag). The design assumes that you do filter by some known part to search matching “function” by reducing the list.

Alt+M → type … → list is reduced to matching items.

You can enable the Navigation Bar by checking the menu option:
View → Panes → Navigation Bar

If the Navigation Bar do not show you anything for some syntax, probably labels are not defined for this syntax.