Smart Navigate

ID Edit.SmartNavigate
Menu Navigation→Smart Navigate
Default Shortcut Alt+G

Smart Navigate tries to do everything. Depending on where the cursor position is set at the current moment. Go to matching brace, to pair tag, to include file or to label. Done to not force people to remember all shortcuts. Always try Smart Navigate and HippoEDIT would try to understand what you want ;-)

First try if Smart Navigate works for such case and only then search for dedicated navigation action.

The logic of action resolving for Smart Navigate is following:

Check if cursor on Action
Any type of brace Go to pair brace
Scope Tag Go to pair tag or other depending on modifier keys
Text equal to some label from any open document Go to definition of the label
File name (can be relative) Open file in new Tab
Directory name (can be relative) Open explorer with this directory as current
Mail address open default mail client with this address in To field
URL navigate to URL in new Tab
Executable name Execute file under cursor

when nothing else found HippoEDIT goes to the first occurrence of the word under cursor which is

  • on same top level scope (block)
  • has same style (to skip matches in strings and comments, if done in code)

Smart Navigate can be called as the explicit command with shortcut or menu entry or it also triggered by Go button in Navigation Bar.