Cannot edit a file

From Windows Vista, Microsoft has introduced UAC (User Access Control) technology which blocks a user from direct modifications of files in some locations or executing some “system” actions, even if the user has Administrator rights.

For example files in these directories are not writable with default elevating rights: Windows, Program Files, Program Files (x86), C:\ etc. To edit files in such directories editor program shall be started with evaluated privileges (Run as Administrator) or evaluate itself as far as user wants to edit such “system” file.

HippoEDIT allows to use both ways, but if you do nothing and execute the program with normal privileges it will ask you for providing Administrator rights, as far as you want to save such system file (or save any other file in the system directory). Files that are secured by UAC can be indicated with read-only color + explicit UAC file state icon on the tab and Access Denied description on application window title and document tab description.

You can request evaluating privileges for file editing also by command File→Read-Only for this file (like normal, if you want to remove the read-only state from file).

Usually actions which require Administrator privileges indicated with “shield” icon