File States

Files in HippoEDIT can have different states that influence set of actions you can apply on them. State of the current file indicated with help of additional icon on document tab (right to document name). Information is also duplicated on application window title and tab tooltip.

File state icons in HippoEDIT

Files in HippoEDIT can have following styles set (or combination of states):

State Icon Background Description
Normal normalStandard mode. File is editable.
Saved SavednormalFile was modified, but saved. Undo history exist. File is editable.
Modified ModifiednormalFile was modified, but not saved. File is editable.
Read-Only Read-OnlygreyedFile is not editable. State can be caused by file attribute or by explicit marking in HippoEDIT. State can be switched using File→Read-Only command
Locked LockedgreyedFile is not editable. File is locked from editing by another application.
Access Denied Access DeniedgreyedFile is not editable. You do not have enough permission for editing of the file. State can be switched using File→Read-Only command